Prepare your Paris visits: book museum visits for your children with « Paris Kid »

I have always loved museums, paintings, contemporary art, Italian masters, the Impressionists... always... really?

Always, that's not strictly true...
As a child, I hated museums and galleries and all they represented, up close, in reality, and from afar!
My parents were forced to cultivate great patience, deploy ruse tactics and blackmail to get me to visit anything cultural, be it a chateau, a museum or a church...

Later on, I started to appreciate the many and varied museums Paris has to offer, I got to know the city inside out : its history, the diversity of its different districts, the beauty of its monuments...

Later still, as mother of my own three boys (today aged 18, 15 and 10), I found out myself what a headache the family cultural visit can be, and as an antidote, came up with the idea of Paris Kid:

  • For children visiting Paris from out of town and abroad, we offer guided tours of the city's numerous museums and historic sites, adapted to the child's age, interest level, and rhythm so that discovering Paris becomes a pleasure rather than a trial, a bore, or a chore...

To entice children into museums, we propose visits and creative workshops in the actual museums/galleries, in the child's native language, in small groups of a maximum of six - in fact - a complete made-to-measure service to attract kids!


PARIS KID offers tours for children only.

Parents choose the tour, date, hours … and PARIS KID will be happy to help
your children discover an exciting Paris, in a creative and original style !

Fill out our “VIP’Kids form” on the site, and we will contact you with a
personalized visit for your child …FORM VIP’Kids