In order that everyone may enjoy the wonders of Paris,
Pariskid offers cultural tours for children without their parents.
These tours are led by young students in History, Art, bilingual
and enthusiastic to share their passion.
They will be great guides for your children!   



The fun air museum
Pastry shop
Temporary Exhibitions
Opera Garnier


The Musée en herbe
Two visits to the Louvre
The Musée de l'Orangerie
Musée d'Orsay
Musée Picasso


Paris in the Middle-Ages
Musée Cluny
The Louvre : a medieval castle
Tuilerie’s garden
A tour of the Luxemburg gardens

Musée des Arts Forains, The fun air museum

The Fun Fair Exhibition recently inaugurated opens wide its doors : merry-go-rounds, roller-coasters, ghost trains, fairy lands and many other attractions are NOW available for the young visitors. They will enjoy moments of magic and marvel as they travel through time ...

JIM, 10 years old from Dublin IRELAND:
The funfair museum is full of magic and fairy tales: I spent a whole afternoon as if time had stopped.


© Bogato

© Bogato

Pastry shop, Bogato

Bogato is an original french pastry.
Paris Kid organises special pastry workshops for the kids.
The cakes are as beautiful to look at as to eat !
Other cakes and pastries will be available.
Every Wednesday, the children are welcome to make cakes funny, original, and really good! Located in the 14th ardt of Paris, you will discover this neighborhood of artists and make a turn to the right next to Cartier Foundation!
Note : Are you good in French ? Then try to guess what "BOGATO" means !



Temporary Exhibitions

Paris Kid offers exhibitions, ideas, workshops, museums, original places to visit....
Some good ideas for children in Paris - they are sure not to get bored!

The Pompidou Centre

The Pompidou Centre no longer needs an introduction. It was commissioned by President Georges Pompidou, and designed in an original style by the architects Renzo Piano and Richard Rogers. The Beaubourg Museum was inaugurated in 1977.

The museum houses the most important collection of contemporary and modern paintings and sculptures in Europe. Likewise, special conferences and workshops are available to help the young public to discover and appreciate modern art and contemporary artists.
This is part of the museum's policy: to promote understanding and appreciation of modern art.

Musée des Arts décoratifs

The Museum was founded in Paris in 1882 by a group of collectionners who wished to promote Applied Fine Arts as links between industry and culture, production and creation. The museum comprises three sites in the Palais du Louvre :
1) The Arts décoratifs
2) The Fashion and Textile galery
3) The Advertising and Publicity galery
These galeries are housed in the Rohan and Marsan wings of the Louvre Palace.

Opera Garnier

A 19th-century architectural masterpiece, the Palais Garnier Opera House, built by Charles Garnier and opened in 1875, is the 13th opera house in Paris since the introduction of French opera by Louis XIV in 1669. Napoleon III commissioned it as part of the renovation works in the capital carried out under his command by Baron Haussmann.                    Don't forget to admire the ceiling painted by Chagall in the main auditorium.


The Musée en herbe

The Musée en herbe has been designed for family groups. It offers exhibitions and games on various themes : arts; citizenship; science,....
Located in the heart of Paris (First Arrondissement) this museum is very popular with young people. They become familiar with the plastic arts through lectures and workshop activities specifically adapted to their level.

The workshops blend humour and games to help discover an artist or an artistic theme thus stimulating the children's curiosity and creativity.

Two visits to the Louvre

This visit reveals aspects of life during Pharaohs in Egypt : everyday life and civilisation in ancient Egypt: funeral boats, mummies, tools, writing in hieroglyphics...
The youngsters will live a fabulous adventure in a mysterious world...
Bernadette, Elliot and Alex mum:
Just wanted to say thank you for a great experience with the children. They had a wonderful time at the Louvre and at the baking class.  It was amazing what they learned about Egypt in such a short period of time.  As soon as we passed through Place de la Concorde, they were pointing at the Obelisk and in their Louvre books at home, they were talking to us about everything they saw in the Egypt section. A success!

PARIS KID gives the children full explanations on the history of the paintings and the artists, including detailed anecdotes and why they have become celebrated the world over.
Here are some of the masterpieces exhibited in the Louvre Museum:
- the Mona Lisa, painted by Leonardo da Vinci (1503)
- the Radeau de la Méduse, painted by Théodore Géricault (1817-1819)
- the Crowning of Napoleon by Jacques - Louis David (1804) and many others...

The Musée de l'Orangerie

The Musée de l'Orangerie, as its name indicates, was designed to shelter orange fruit trees in the « Tuileries Palace » greenhouse in 1852. This building has been used for many purposes over the years until the State endowed it to the Fine Arts Academy (Académie des Beaux Arts) in 1927.
Like the « Jeu de Paume », it was transformed into an annex of the Luxembourg Museum. Claude Monet created the famous « Nymphéas » (or Waterlilies) frescoes.

The museum staff is particularly motivated to reveal and describe this masterpiece to young people. Temporary exhibits can also be admired in other sections of the museum. They give specific conferences and supervise workshops adapted to the level and tastes of the young visitors.
CIRCUIT PARIS KID: After an introduction to Monet's major artistic work, the Nympheas, by a Museum lecturer, the youngsters will take part in a workshop dedicated to the creation of flowers inspired by his painting...

Musée d’Orsay

Find out who the Impressionists, why they are called and what is their painting technique....
The greatest Impressionist paintings in this beautiful museum.


Musée Picasso

Located in the Marais district, In a magnificent hotel, from the 17th century, we will introduce children to the timeless genius of Picasso.

The Musée Picasso Paris’ collection is replete with masterpieces and iconic artworks from the 20th century. The rich history of the artist’s painted works is retraced through nearly 300 paintings held in the Musée Picasso Paris collection today.


Paris in the Middle-Ages: Three monuments are available

The TOWER OF THE  KNIGHT "Jean sans peur" ,The "CONCIERGERIE", NOTRE DAME CATHEDRAL : war, king and religion, the fundamental attitudes in the Middle-Ages...

DAVIS, 10 years old, from Sydney in Australia:
I loved the Tower of John-the-Fearless with its "corkscrew" staircase and the signatures of the sculptors carved in the stones...

CHARLOTTE 10 years old from Singapour ASIA:
The "Conciergerie" was very impressive and the jail of Queen Marie - Antoinette was quite frightening !!!



Napoleon, a great strategic military leader and clever politician has marked the history of France... A tour from the Military Museum in the Invalides and the Vendôme Column will reveal part of his brilliant but controversial career.
(Alternative) The tour organised between the Military Museum in the Invalides and the Vendôme Column, will reveal to the young visitors part of Napoleon's brilliant but controversial carreer.
CIRCUIT PARIS KID: After the visit of the War Museum in the Invalides, where the graveof Napoleon is situated, the young visitors will go to the PlaceVendôme to admire the renowned column. The emperor will no longerhold secrets for them ...

KOJI, 7 years old from Tokyo, Japan:
Napoleon was a hero and his grave is worthy of a hero....
I know everything about his life, his uniforms, and even his horse...!!!

NADIA, Niko's mum!
Niko came back talking about Napoleon's horse and how he was both good and bad and his failure to conquer Russia because of the cold!

The Cluny museum

The Cluny Museum is dedicated to the Middle Ages period of the history of Paris.
It is built on the site of ancient Gallo-Roman baths.
The children will discover everyday life in the Middle - Ages : men going to war or on a hunt ; women weaving tapestries and cloth, waiting for the return of their husbands ...!!!

SOPHIA, 8 years old from Miami USA:
What Iloved most in the Cluny Museum was the the Tapestry with the Lady and the Unicorn!

The Louvre: a medieval castle

Before becoming a museum, the Louvre was a fortress, a medieval castle, with towers, a dungeon, an armory, etc. ...
Children will discover this place full of history for centuries ...
ANDREW: Thanks for everything
EMMANUEL: Is terrific!


Texte ici à venir

Tuilerie's garden

Children will discover what has beautiful garden, created by Catherine de Medici.
The statues of famous people, fountains, the Palace of the Louvre and the Orangerie will have no secrets for them...

A tour of the Luxemburg gardens (Jardin du Luxembourg)

To follow the steps of Marie de Médicis (1575 - 1642), who had commisssioned a palace in the style of the Rennaissance Palaces of Italy. Given a tour map, the art history guide will reveal to the young visitors the treasures of the Jardin du Luxembourg : the sculptures, the fountains and what were the leisures of people yesterday and today.