Judith Blin

                                                 Transforming your kids into French culture-vultures! 



I have always loved museums, paintings, contemporary art, Italian masters, the Impressionists.Always, really?
Always, that's not strictly true...
As a child, I hated museums and galleries and all they represented, up close, and from afar!
My parents were forced to cultivate great patience, deploy ruse tactics and blackmail to get me to visit anything cultural, be it a chateau, a museum or a church...
Later on, I started to appreciate the many and varied museums Paris has to offer, I got to know the city inside out : its history, the diversity of its different districts, the beauty of its monuments...

Later still, as mother of my own three boys, I found out myself what a headache the family cultural visit can be, and as an antidote, came up with the idea of Paris Kid:
For children visiting Paris from out of town and abroad, we offer guided tours of the city's numerous museums and historic sites, adapted to the child's age, interest level, and rhythm so that discovering Paris becomes a pleasure rather than a trial, a bore, or a chore...
To entice children into museums, we propose visits and creative workshops in the actual museums/galleries, in the child's native language, in small groups of a maximum of six - in fact - a complete made-to-measure service to attract kids!

A team of young professionals,
qualified in art and history of art, bilingual teachers,
will guide your children in Paris’ museums and historical sites.

CAROLINE, 23 years

Hello! I'm Caroline!
I'm 23 and I am a student in cultural mediation at the Ecole du Louvre.
As part of my family lives in the US, I am used to go there very often and I really enjoy speaking English. Last summer, I actually spent two months in Boston for an internship.
I did a lot of babysitting and I like spending time with children because they bring us a new way to see the world around. So I will be glad to share my passions for art history, French food and fashion with your kids!

INÈS, 24 years

Hi everyone!
My name is Inès and I’m studying cultural mediation at La Sorbonne Nouvelle. These last years, I travelled through Europe and United-States to develop my knowledge of foreign languages. Indeed, I speak English fluently and I also studded German and Russian.
As I’m fond of history and arts, I would be very glad to share with your children my enthusiasm through each discovery. Paris is full of anecdotes and secrets, it would be a pity not to share them.

EMMA, 24 years

My name is Emma and I'm a student at the Sorbonne (History of arts) in Paris . I have been studying art history for a few years now and I love it ! It's fascinating to see how art reflects societies : you learn so much about a country when you look at its artistic creations linked with its history.
I am also very fund of history, geography, litterature and culture in general. I will be delighted to walk around Paris with your kids, I will do my best to teach them about Parisian history and its specific culture, and that goes with telling funny stories and having fun!!
I hope to see you very soon in the streets of the charming city of lights!

ZOÉ, 24 years

I am a student in l'école du louvre, and it has been a year now that I go up and down in the capital, eyes wide open, looking for new surprises, sources of wonder…and for people to share them with.
And Paris is so rich! For the curious and the avid of discoveries, I would be delighted to make them a cheerful, amusing and interesting visit, to make them glimpse some marvels of the Parisian culture. Rich of several experiences with kids and of a stay in Canada, I can’t wait to entertain and teach to young French speakers as well as English speakers, in order to learn a little more from the visit and the children too…
See you soon!